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Breeding Business

Breeding Business

Gaojin Tianzhao Farm—Adopting advanced farming technology from Europe and America, combining scientific ideas of world pig industry and its management mode, regarding efficiency and safety as the core target, with each sow reaching to industry-leading level ----25 pigs per year. The farm organicly combines 10 thousand green vegetabble base to build a circular economic model ---“pig-pond-greens”. Green ecological farming aims to acheive sustainable development.

Manor Black Pig Ecologic Farm--Tibetan pig & Sichuan black pig, selecting from 4,000 meters above sea, are bred into manor black pig during 12 years—6 generations. The raw materials are special pig breeds in a special breeding way. Manor Black Pig has tender meat and retains the unique meat fragrance of Tibetan pig and inherites high immunity of Sichuan black pig. raised with quality green grain(corn, bean pulp) is the assurance of high quality .