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International Trade

International Trade

Sichuan Gaojin Import-Export Trade Co., Ltd with its self-managerial authority of import & export

◆ Acquire Export Certification to Singapore AVA in 2009

◆ Acquire Export Qualification to Indonesia in 2013

◆ Acquire Export Qualification to Russia in 2015

◆ Acquire Export Qualification to Mongolia in 2016

◆ Acquire Export Qualification to Australia in 2016

Works on frozen pork, canned food, pork meat products etc. owns the powerful capability for the refrigerated cargo.

Our products can be seen in Russia, Kyrgyzstan, HongKong, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Congo, Mauritius, Vanuatu, New Guinea, Kiribati etc.

Goldkinn is in touch with 100 foreign manufacturers and traders, importing pork products from Europe, North America, South America, beef and mutton products from Australia, South America.

Main Import Products of Pork

Frozen Pork Head、Frozen Pork Ear、Frozen Pork Front Feet、Frozen Pork Hind Feet、Frozen Pork Spareribs、Frozen Pork Rib lets、Frozen Pork Shoulder Boneless、Frozen Pork Ham Boneless、Frozen Pork Belly Boneless Rind on、Frozen Pork Lacone、Frozen Pork Neck Bone、Frozen Pork Front Hock、Frozen Pork Hind Hock

Main Import Products of Beef

Frozen Beef Shin/Shank、Frozen Beef Heel Muscle、Frozen Beef Golden Coin、Frozen Beef Short Plate、Frozen Beef Chuck & Blade、Frozen Beef Striploin、Frozen Beef Tenderloin、Frozen Beef Rib Eye、Frozen Beef Short Rib、Frozen Beef Flat/Eye Round、Frozen Beef Knuckle、Frozen Beef Flank