How to make black pork more nutritious
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How to make black pork more nutritious

Media coverage
2018/04/12 17:38
Does everyone have some understanding of pork they normally eat? Do you know whether the pork you eat usually is white pork or black pork? In fact, we usually have more white pork than the number of black pork, and we don’t know much about black pork. Informing everyone, in fact, the price of nutrients in black pork is relatively high, and it contains some nutrients that are of great help to our body growth.
For black pork, a highly nutritious ingredient, there are many ways we can make it, but the main method is to cook black pork or braised black pork, etc. We can cook according to your favorite practice!
Black pork is delicate and nutritious. The content of unsaturated fatty acids in muscle is 8.87%, especially linolenic acid can protect the liver, can improve the body's immunity, at the same time, it can also improve the activity of SOD in the human body, inhibit the production of MDA, delay the body aging, cell aging, content is significant. Higher than other pig breeds, it has extremely high nutritional value and health care effects on the human body, such as long-term consumption, longevity, strong soup, and fragrant teeth.
The meat taste of black pig muscles The main characteristics of the cholesterol-aspartic acid, glutamic acid, glycine, alanine and inosinic acid are clearly higher than that of foreign pigs. Fragrant, has a large auxiliary performance for the human body.
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