The taste of childhood pork can be remembered
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The taste of childhood pork can be remembered

Media coverage
2018/04/12 17:39
Do you still remember the taste of pork in childhood? At that time, the meat of pork was fragrant, and it was not ripe. When the lid was opened, it was already full of fragrant and mouth-watering. In order to find a good impression that the pot lids are overflowing, in the pork market, only black pork can have such "kung fu." However, in the face of this black pork price that sounds a bit humbling, many citizens are not shouting "expensive" but "value." Many consumers bluntly stated that “the Gaojin black pig is a food-fed black-haired pig, and the absolute value of pork is the price”. “For more than 30 years, once I had eaten this kind of black pork, I thought of it as a child. We actually wanted it. It is not only a safe and healthy pork product, but it is also a kind of valuable ambience."
Consumers like to eat pork, but now pork has no original flavor, and often will buy fresh meat with a smell. In addition, the pork safety incidents reported in the newspaper are one after the other, such as pork containing lean meat, dead and dead meat, etc. Consumers are unaware of the fact that the probability of buying pork is not small. In addition, ordinary pork with high cholesterol, excessive intake, induce obesity, atherosclerosis, affect health, "low fat" diet favored by consumers. The average Chinese consumes 40kg of pork per year and 1.3 billion of pork. This huge market does not lack pork and lacks real safe and healthy pork.
Ordinary pork "does not live up to expectations", black pigs whipped up "black whirlwind" and swept the market. Since the introduction of foreign white pigs in the 1970s, black pigs in China's indigenous pig breeds have grown slowly, have a lot of fat, and have low economic returns. They are unable to adapt to the needs of consumers for pork. Therefore, the Chinese have not eaten for decades. Black pork. The revival of black pigs was mainly due to the better taste, richer nutrition, and better quality of white pork than black pork, which is favored by consumers who value quality of life.
Eating pork every day is very important for safety and health. The trend of the future pork market is to shift from ordinary pork to organic pork. It will take the next 30 years to complete this shift. Based on the advantages of black pig and pig breeds, black pork has taken safety and health as the minimum standard, and has guided this healthy diet trend. It is a safe and healthy meat that consumers trust.
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