Black pork suitable crowd
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Black pork suitable crowd

Media coverage
2018/04/12 17:39
With the enhancement of health concepts and the emphasis on green, organic, and ecological foods, soil black pigs with high lean meat content and few diseases have once again stepped into everyone’s sights. A pound of black pork is tens of thousands of dollars cheaper and more expensive. .
The soil black pigs are mostly free-ranged, and the exercise quality and breadth of food sources make the meat more compact. Soil black pig has a good ratio of fat to lean meat, low cholesterol, and high protein content.
Patients with hyperlipidemia, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease who want to eat pork can buy black pork.
Due to the fact that the soil black pig has higher unsaturated fatty acid content than ordinary pork, it can be used freshly and occasionally. It is not necessary to blindly pursue it.
Black pork has more lean meat, but it has more intermuscular fat, making it mellow and delicate. Compared with ordinary pork, the value of the nutritive value of soil black pork is not much different, but the taste is not firewood.
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