How to store green organic black pork
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How to store green organic black pork

Media coverage
2018/04/12 17:39
In recent years, with the outbreak of food safety problems, green organic black pork has become the focus of attention, and more and more consumers are buying green organic black pork. At the same time, it has attracted many franchisees to join green organic black pork. But we all know that the most important part of pork is storage. So what are the methods?
Drying method: Drying method is also called dehydration method, which mainly reduces the moisture in the meat, hinders the growth and development of microorganisms, and achieves the purpose of storage. The moisture content of black pork is generally over 70%, and proper methods should be adopted to reduce the moisture content to Less than 20% or lower water activity can extend the storage period.
Natural air-drying method: According to the requirements, the meat is cut into pieces and hung in a ventilated place where it is naturally dried to reduce the moisture content. Dehydration drying method, often using baking method to remove the moisture in the meat, so that the water content dropped to 20% or less, can be stored for a longer time. The solute method is added, that is, adding solute such as salt, sugar, etc. to black pork. The black pork must be marinated with salt, sugar, etc. As a result, the water activity in the meat can be reduced, thereby inhibiting the growth of microorganisms.
Salting method: The storage effect of the salting method is mainly to increase the osmotic pressure of the meat through salt, remove part of the water, and reduce the oxygen content in the black pork product, resulting in environmental conditions that are not conducive to bacterial growth and reproduction. Some bacteria have strong salt tolerance, and salting alone cannot achieve long-term preservation.
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