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News|Safety of food safety, Gaojin Food was invited to participate in the 2017 Sichuan Food Safety Promotion Week
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News|Safety of food safety, Gaojin Food was invited to participate in the 2017 Sichuan Food Safety Promotion Week

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2018/05/02 17:36

On June 27, 2017, Sichuan Province Food Safety Awareness Week and Food Safety “I promise, I am responsible” event was held in Chengdu. Representatives of 60 food companies on site responded to the call for food safety commitment. This year is the nation's seventh food safety awareness week, the theme of which is "Suntech is law-abiding, sharing governance of food safety" & rdquo;. Yang Xingping, deputy governor and deputy director of the Provincial Food Safety Committee, attended the ceremony. Ms. Zhao Qin, executive vice president of Gaojin Foods, attended the ceremony on behalf of the company.

▼Event Launch Ceremony Site

▼ Ms. Zhao Qin, Executive Vice President of Gaojin Foods, “I promise, I'm responsible” and “Signature Commitment to the Launch Ceremony of the Event”

At the launching ceremony, the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce issued the "Food Safety Proposal" to Quanchuan Food Corporation, calling for Quanchuan food companies to strictly abide by self-discipline, Suntech law-abiding, and calling on the public to actively exercise the power of supervision and actively participate in food safety and social co-governance. The Provincial Food and Drug Administration also carried out a demonstration of food inspection at the scene and set up a booth 12331 to receive complaints and reports, carry out counterfeit and inferior food identification guidance, and answer public consultation.

▼The staff responsible for the identification of counterfeit foods are interviewed by reporters

At the launching ceremony, Gaojin Foods, as a leading national agricultural industrialization company, participated in the exhibition and exhibited a manor black pig gift box, manor black pork canned meat, luncheon meat, rotten cowpea, sausage and other series. Canned product features. During the period, our staff introduced our products, production processes and food safety-related knowledge to consumers, and attracted a large number of consumers and other corporate personnel to visit our booth. After understanding the production processes of our products, we had to Our company's strict control of food safety expressed its approval and praise.

▼ Our booth

▼ Our staff introduces our products to consumers and explains the production process.

After the launching ceremony was completed, leaders of the Sichuan Provincial Deputy Governor and Provincial Food and Drug Administration visited our booth and stated that Gaojin Food, as a leading national agricultural industrialization company, has been putting food safety first since its establishment 21 years ago. , Strict quality control, set a vanguard example for the food industry. The two leaders learned about our specialty products and spoke highly of our company's efforts in product innovation and food safety.

▼Jin Jin Food Market Manager Zhang Junfeng (first from right) introduces Yu Bo (left), Provincial Food and Drug Administration Director, and Yang Xingping (middle), Vice Governor of Sichuan Province, and introduces our products.

All along, Gaojin Foods has continuously carried out various publicity activities in food safety, through the establishment of publicity stations, on-site distribution of promotional materials, gifts and food laws and regulations, and strengthening of internal management, accelerating the advancement of advanced system construction, and improving corporate governance. The related business management level, to convey to consumers the concept of "food safety is greater than heaven".

In the future, Gaojin Food will continue to strictly control food safety under the leadership of the provincial government and the food regulatory agency, strictly abide by laws and regulations such as the “Food Safety Law” and “Product Quality Law,” and conscientiously safeguard the market economic order. The integrity of production and management according to law. Actively responded to the "Suntech law-abiding, shared governance food safety" theme, to contribute to the maintenance of food safety.

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