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Building a strong agricultural brand, Gaojin Food debuts 2017 Sichuan Province Department of City, State (State) long agricultur
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Building a strong agricultural brand, Gaojin Food debuts 2017 Sichuan Province Department of City, State (State) long agricultur

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2018/05/02 17:37

On the afternoon of August 4th, 2017, Sichuan Provincial Department of Agriculture and the Minister of Agriculture (Changzhou) Agricultural Products Promotion Conference held by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Agriculture completed the perfect closing of the Crystal Hall on the 5th floor of Chengdu Century City International Convention and Exhibition Center. The participants were Sichuan. Leaders of Provincial Party Committee and Sichuan Provincial Government, Leaders of Provincial Departments, Leaders of Government of Each City (Prefecture) and Head of Agricultural Department, Leaders of 88 Poor County Governments and Heads of Agricultural Department of the Province, Representatives of 50 Quality Branded Agricultural Products Enterprises of the Province .

The theme center of the agricultural product brand promotion conference was “The brand leads the industry in poverty alleviation, builds agricultural brands, and builds strong provinces in agriculture”. With brand promotion as the main line, the concept of "culture creates brand" is advocated, and the main purpose of this promotion meeting is. Yes, to build an important platform and window for the display, promotion and promotion of outstanding agricultural product brands in Sichuan Province and high-quality branded agricultural products in impoverished areas, to expand the brand awareness and influence of agricultural products, and to expand the broad market space, so as to assist precision poverty reduction and agricultural supply. Structural reforms. The "Gaojin Food" brand, as the only meat product brand manufacturer, was invited to participate in the Sichuan Provincial Office, City (State) long agricultural product brand promotion meeting.

Brand Wall Display Area: Gaojin Food Ranked Top 50 Outstanding Brands

The recommendation site will award 50 quality brands across the province.

"The Sichuan Provincial Department of City and State (Prefecture) Long Agricultural Products Brand Promotion Conference" is the first of its kind in China. It is divided into two parts: one is exhibition display, and the other is the Mayor's promotion meeting. In the exhibition display, Gaojin Foods, as a key leading enterprise in the industrialization of agriculture, participated in the exhibition and exhibited a manor black pig gift box, manor black pork canned meat, luncheon meat, kidney bean, and sausages. Canned products. The on-site leaders and professional visitors have a keen interest in Gaojin Foods, especially the Gaojin Food Manor Black Pig Brand. They have inquired Gao Jin Foodstuffs staff about how the manor black pigs are fed and the ordinary pork. What is the difference? "The market price of black pork" and a series of problems, the staff are all explained one by one. Goldsmiths are committed to creating green, safe and healthy foods and stick to it for 21 years. The popularity of the show gathered on the spot, attracting a large number of consumers and other corporate staff to visit our booth and learn about Gao Jin and Jin Gao.

Partial cooked food and fresh product display of Gaojin Food

Sichuan Qufu Shi Qushi visited our booth

Vice Mayor of Suining City Deng Wei understands Gaojin Food Product Information

At the second part of the Mayor's Promotion Conference of Sichuan Provincial Department of City and State (Prefecture) Agricultural Products Brand Promotion Conference, Gaojin Foods also shined with a healthy, green and safe image. Gaojin Group was founded in 1996. In the year, the headquarters is located in Suining City, Sichuan Province, China. After development, it has become a national comprehensive enterprise group integrating quality pig breeding, breeding, slaughtering, cutting, cold storage processing, fresh-selling chain, canned food production, deep processing of pork products, and import and export trade. The healthy and orderly development of Gaojin Food also positively responded to the government’s development goal of establishing branded agriculture in Sichuan.

As the key development enterprise in Suining, Sichuan, Gaojin Foods adheres to the mission of providing customers with better and better products, and promotes and maintains the healthy and orderly development of the industry. “In Sichuan Province, the city’s (state) long agricultural product brand promotion meeting Vice President of the Suining City, Deng Weiru, said: Today, here I would like to recommend Gaojin Food to everyone, and 13.35 billion yuan is a figure of Gaojin Food in the national leading poverty alleviation enterprises to increase the income of farmers. Gaojin Food is the national One of the largest pork exporters, it is also the largest supplier of canned pork in the army and has obtained green product certification. According to our statistics, Gaojin has provided more than 1,000 tons of high quality pork to consumers through more than 12,000 sales outlets nationwide. At the same time, the products are exported to more than 10 countries and regions such as Australia and Malaysia. In addition, deputy mayor Deng Wei praised Gaojin Food Manor Black Pig products: “Goldkin passed the ecological ranch and concentrated on creating 360-day raw manor black pigs, which has become the first choice for high-end people in Chengdu-Chongqing area.” .

Gaojin Food was awarded the title of “Agricultural Products of Sichuan Province in 2017”

As a food production enterprise, Gaojin Food promises to the society: to firmly safeguard food safety, firmly safeguard the industry's justice, be brave to be responsible for it, be brave in practice, and maintain healthy and orderly development of the industry. Gaojin Foods, as a representative of Sichuan's high-quality branded agricultural products, has no responsibility. We have always contributed our strength to the building of Sichuan's brand agricultural province. We have responded to the government's call to advance the structural reform of the agricultural supply side, and accelerated the leapfrogging from the agricultural province to the agricultural province and devoted ourselves to building a base. , create brand, engage in processing & rdquo; decision-making deployment of specific actions!

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