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Xinxiang Gaojin Food Co., Ltd. Helps the poor and helps the Mid-Autumn National Day send care
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Xinxiang Gaojin Food Co., Ltd. Helps the poor and helps the Mid-Autumn National Day send care

Social Responsibility
2018/05/02 17:39

On September 28, 2017, at the time of the celebration of the autumn and the national day of Qing dynasty, Xinxiang Gaojin Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinxiang Gaojin Company) under the jurisdiction of Sichuan Gaojin Industry Group Co., Ltd. was given poverty to the village committee of Dayang Village, Xinxiang City. The family sent love materials. In order to bring festive condolences to the families who are facing difficulties in life, Xinxiang Gaojin Company upholds the Group's charity spirit of “Collecting tomorrow, Gao Jin and you” and practices social responsibility, and interprets care and mutual assistance through practical actions. Charity spirit.

Yanyang Village, Yanlin Township, Yanjin County, Xinxiang City, Henan Province is located in Yulin Township and is a key supporter of the local government. It has established the Danyangzhuang Poverty Alleviation Project in the Xinxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone. The Xinxiang Gaojin Company has assisted the poor households. It was because of the disease, disability, school-age and the lack of labor force that the people sent them to the Mid-Autumn Festival moon cakes and fresh meat fillings and other materials. Xinxiang Gaojin Corporate Relief Group came to the poverty-stricken families to learn more about poverty. The cause of the households’ poverty was kindly asked about their family situation and physical condition, and they promised that if there were any difficulties that needed assistance, Xinxiang Gaojin would do its best to help solve it.

Caring for love, love is boundless, Gao Jin will walk with you, Gao Jin Food will continue to carry love and responsibility, to contribute their own strength, to help more people in need of help, the love of Jin Gao food has not stopped, the future The public welfare road will take a long way to go. We also call for more caring companies and caring people to join in charity activities. Let us work together to gather the power of charity, give back to society, and jointly promote social welfare. development of.

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