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Gaojin Food Delicious Delicacies, Bahuo Commune Inc

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2018/05/03 17:10

Hot pot, the most representative food in Sichuan and Chongqing, "Food in China, taste in Sichuan" in the "taste" is also said that hot pot, hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant, strong unique stimulation The taste created a special Sichuan flavor. In order to eat an authentic hotpot, visitors to Chuanyu from thousands of miles away are always in a continuous stream. In Chuanyu, there is a saying: There is nothing that cannot be solved with a hot pot. The Sichuan-Yunnan region is not only a unique representative of food and culture, but also an important mediating agent in current interpersonal communication; if you are not in Sichuan and Sichuan, you cannot eat authentic hot pot! This issue is always the most regrettable thing for the majority of food lovers, eat hot pot, eat Authentic Sichuan style hotpot, authentic Sichuan flavor to eat hot pot, high-gold food is also a portrait of the "dedicated" Pakistani commune carry pot ", to solve the food industry's biggest historical problem.

Prachuab commune surprise pot listed on the market

On September 19, 2017, Gaojin Foods' ingenuity produced a "potty hot pot" and held a tasting tasting event at Chengdu Sheshan International Country Club. Gao Jin Group Chairman Jin Xiangyu invited friends from the industry to attend the tasting session. Enjoying delicious tastes and delicious food, the enjoyment of the "Buddhist Commune with hot pot" was full of praise from the guests present. Not only couldn't stop the chopsticks, but also learned the Sichuan dialect. "Popular commune to carry hot pot" is worthy of praise, is how you can not think of it, it only stays in your real taste buds.

Spicy red mouth, can't stop the temptation

Study how to operate quickly

Baba commune carry hot pot enough to savor

“ Bashu commune carry hot pot ” exactly how to doba! Real material show out, let you know what is called low-key luxury connotation.

Elaborately mix and enrich authentic Sichuan hot pots

Explore hundreds of popular hotpot ingredients secret recipe, carefully developed Chuanxi unique spices with ingenuity. Selected hot pot agents in Sichuan famous brand processing suppliers, Xiao Longkan, Xiang Tianxia, ​​Ji Jiuxiang and other popular hot pot bottom material Queensland merchants, "Palestinian commune carry pot" & rdquo; from the spices to control every process, filling the authentic spicy Sichuan Hot pot.

Real materials, meat, vegetables and flavors

130g large meat package: eat hot pot, no meat is not happy, high gold foods strictly selected military quality specifications luncheon meat, crispy intestine, delicious sausage products, to meet your lack of meat, full weight, flavor of meat, Full of taste, spicy stimulation.

200g vegetable bag: Agaric, kelp, fresh bamboo shoots, potatoes, lotus root and other vegetable ingredients, select fresh, high quality, organic vegetables, cleaning, cutting layer process without added, balanced nutrition and health, there is always a favorite.

Convenient, ready-to-eat and delicious.

There is a lazy, but also delicious, just open the bag - into the hot pot seasoning bag & mdash; pour pure water & mdash; wait for a while, delicious Serve.

It's that simple operation

Wine, meat, food, feelings,

& ldquo;Passo commune” authentic Sichuan hot pot

When you are happy, you have one, and your friends come together for one.

Traveling on a business trip, homesmanship comes in one's mouth

I would like to eat more you have a few more

I can sing it without knowing it

“Passo commune carry hot pot”

Give you a tasteful choice

Tell you!

“Brazil commune carry pot & rdquo; Once listed

Hot selling, if you want to buy it, you have to collect luck.

Must buy!

“Passo commune carry hot pot”

It's not expensive, it must be lazy.

What you eat is not just a hot pot.

Is the taste of hot hometown

It is authentic Chuanxiong taste

It is the taste of companionship that Goldkin gives you.

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