"2018 · Re-start!" - The 2017 Finalized Conference of the Cooked Foods Division of Gaojin Group has come to a successful conclus
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"2018 · Re-start!" - The 2017 Finalized Conference of the Cooked Foods Division of Gaojin Group has come to a successful conclus

Company News
2018/05/03 17:14

On December 12th, the three-day "2017 Goldrich Group Cooked Food Division's year-end summary meeting" was formally held in Suining headquarters building. Gao Jin Industrial Group Chairman Jin Xiangyu and the company's relevant leaders all attended the meeting. The content of the meeting was mainly the summarization of the work of each department on the work in 2017 and the work planning and planning for the department in 2018.

At the beginning of the conference, Chairman Jin Xiangyu gave an opening speech. Mr. Jin Xiangyu affirmed the work performance of colleagues in various sections of the Cooked Food Division in 2017. He then gave guidance on the work content of the Cooked Food Department in 2018. He hoped that the Cooked Food Department could introduce more talents and increase efforts to complete goals and challenges in the next year. Practically do every job. Finally, I hope that my colleagues will continue to work hard in 2018 so that the Gaojin Group will grow even stronger.

In the ensuing three days, at the conference, the heads of various departments carried out the final 2017 summary of the department and the work plan for 2018. Each person in charge has made a detailed report on the work of the department in 2017. Through the report, it summarizes the better experiences and good practices in the work and finds out the inadequacies and flaws in the work so that they can learn from each other and learn from each other. It is good to carry out future work. The Chairman of the company, Mr. Jin Xiangyu, and the leaders present here further pointed out the existing problems on the basis of fully affirming the work of the heads of departments in the past year. It was pointed out that the person in charge of each department must study and deploy the work early in 2018, refine all work measures, and lead the members of each unit to jointly promote the sound and rapid development of the work of the Cooked Food Department.

Through this year-end summary meeting, everyone has a clear and concise understanding of their work situation and work plan for the coming year. In 2018, the company will have several cooked food products to be listed. Everyone is full of confidence in the sales of new products next year, swearing that it will do its utmost to achieve the goal and allow Gaojin Group's new and old products to spread all over the country!

After the meeting, the participants shared a dinner at the company's headquarters restaurant and toasted for a good time.

2018, Gao Jin cooked food will leave again!

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