The Gaojin Group's northwest career begins a new journey
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The Gaojin Group's northwest career begins a new journey

Company News
2018/05/03 17:18

At 10 o'clock on the December 18th, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Gaoxin Industry Group Lanzhou New Plant was held in the Qinchuan Industrial Park Food Industry Park.

The foundation stone laying ceremony invited members of the Party Committee of the Lanzhou New District Party Committee and the vice chairman of the management committee to be quiet, Sun Minyu, party secretary of the Qinchuan Park in the Lanzhou New District, Cui Binhong, director of the management committee of the Qinchuan Park in Lanzhou New District, and relevant department leaders, Sichuan Gaojin Industry Group Deng Jiang, deputy chairman of the board and chairman of Lanzhou Gaojin Food Co., Ltd., and Chen Xingye, chairman of Sichuan Mianyang Haoxin Industrial Co., Ltd., were present at the event and all the well-known media came to help.

The foundation of success, the beginning of the grand plan

At 10:40 am, the groundbreaking ceremony officially began. After a terrific performance with regional characteristics, Deng Jiang, vice chairman of Sichuan Gaojin Industry Group, took the stage and gave presentations. He expressed sincere gratitude to leaders and guests for the completion of the new factory in Gaojin Lanzhou, and expressed his confidence in the processing projects of Gaojin Lanzhou's one million pig foods in the future.

As Chairman Deng Jiang said: “The construction of a one-hundred-thousand pig live food processing project by Lanzhou Gaojin Food Co., Ltd. cannot be separated from the support of leaders at all levels. It is inseparable from the help of various departments and can not be separated from all colleagues. The hard work and hard work! Let us respond to the call of the Lanzhou New District and Lanzhou New District government, make concerted efforts and solid work, and take effective actions to ensure the smooth construction of the project and complete it on schedule. ”

Finally, the groundbreaking ceremony for the new factory in Gaojin Lanzhou officially began.

Implementing the Belt and Road Initiative and Doing a Good Job in the Western Control System

The theme of the foundation stone laying ceremony was clearly "implementation of "ls", "one belt and one road", to be the leader of the West Control. The project construction will focus on integrating the agricultural and sideline products resources of Lanzhou, constructing the “One Belt and One Road” and large circulation channels of agricultural and sideline products, improving agricultural and sideline product operation models in Lanzhou, Gansu, and even the Northwest, and constructing agricultural and sideline products commerce, value-added processing, The integrated logistics and distribution system, such as storage and cold-chain logistics, has gradually formed a development expansion model for "Midland & Mdash; Northwest China & M&D".

The purpose of the Gaojin One Million Live Pig Food Processing Project was to promote the regional distribution of advantageous agricultural products, implement the strategy of assisting and strengthening strengths, concentrate efforts on key cultivation, and promote the integration of various production factors into advantageous regions, advantageous industries, and advantageous products. Improving the level of regional agricultural production and management will be conducive to giving full play to the comparative advantage of agriculture in Lanzhou City and forming an advantageous agro-industrial industrial zone or industrial zone with strong market competitiveness, which will improve the overall competitiveness of agriculture in Lanzhou City as a whole.

In order to complete the construction of the project as soon as possible, Gaojin Industrial Group stated that it will do its utmost to overcome difficulties, strictly control the construction quality and safety, accelerate the construction progress, and complete the safety, high-quality, rapid and successful Lanzhou Gaojin Food Co., Ltd. The construction of one million hog food processing projects will contribute to Lanzhou's bright future.

In 2018, it was a crucial year for Gaojin Industrial Group to realize accelerated development. In terms of business layout, Gaojin Industrial Group will implement the first step of the Great Northwest Strategy in 2018. It will mainly focus on the three dimensions of “production, channels, branding”. First, it will optimize the northwestern production and processing base and expand its core business. Layout; Second, the refined operation of the channel market, optimization and upgrade of channel services; third is the implementation of brand operations. The launch of the Lanzhou project can bring the expertise of Gaojin Industrial Group to the extreme. Today's project in Lanzhou is only a beginning, I believe in the near future will certainly bear fruit.

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