To be a pioneer in the practice of “knowledge and action”, Gao Jin Food Helps Sichuan Association to promote Wang Yangming's lec
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To be a pioneer in the practice of “knowledge and action”, Gao Jin Food Helps Sichuan Association to promote Wang Yangming's lec

Company News
2018/05/03 17:43

At 10:30 a.m. on March 25, 2018, the Chuanlian Enterprise Business Promotion Association of the Sichuan Province (hereinafter referred to as the Sichuan Association for Promotion) held the "Xinguan City Outer Plaza" Chengdu Tianfu New District Resort “ Wang Yangming's School of Mind and Business. Wisdom ” Business Seminars. The lecture was hosted by Gao Jin Food Group, a member of the Sichuan Association for Promoting the Association, and was co-organized by the Party Committee of the Sichuan Provincial Association for Promotion of Sichuan Province. The purpose of the lecture was to discuss and share with the other members of the Association for the Promotion of Sichuan the thoughts and ideas of combining Wang Yangming's philosophy and business operation under the background of a new era.

The Sichuan Promotion Association is a direct business association of the Sichuan Province Federation of Industry and Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce began preparations in September 2012 and now has more than 100 entrepreneurial members. Currently, there are 67 corporate members in the Sichuan Promotion Association, covering social organizations, research institutes, and companies. every aspect. Sichuan Chuanhui will focus on foreign exchanges in the fields of economy, culture, science and technology, health, and disaster reduction. It will tell Sichuan's economic development stories, humanities and historical stories, science and technology reform stories, and livelihood improvement stories to actively contribute to the economic and social development of Sichuan Province.

As the organizer of this seminar, as a member of the Sichuan Press Association, Gaojin Foods sponsored this event. Not only did the lectures have been organized, but beautiful accessories for the other members who came to the meeting were also prepared.

The actual value of mind study for business managers seems to be far underestimated. If the construction of Western companies is deeply influenced by Western religions, the intrinsic meaning of Xinxue for building Chinese-style management far exceeds the so-called concept of Confucian merchants. It is worth the attention of the academic community and the industry. This business seminar is to seek answers to this question itself.

(Wang Yangming psychology lecture scene)

After the lecture, the organizer Gaojin Food prepared a great meal for the members who came to the party.

The on-site ingredients were also sponsored by Gaojin Food's “Manor Black Pig”, and the classic Sichuan cuisine couldn't help but make the index finger full of action. Everyone was savoring the food while exchanging ideas and business experience.

Wang Yangming mentioned in his mind that the "knowledge of one thing" is a bridge to the future of business. Theory and methods can only exert greater power through practice. As a well-known meat product company in the southwest, Gaojin Foods surely remembers Wang Yangming's teachings of the heart and uses the tools of the mind-theory to overcome difficulties and achieve unity.

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