Goldkinn Food has settled in Isetan Chengdu Yintai in99 shop and looks forward to seeing you here!
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Goldkinn Food has settled in Isetan Chengdu Yintai in99 shop and looks forward to seeing you here!

Company News
2018/05/03 17:45

On April 8th, 2018, Isetan Supermarket Chengdu Yintai Center in99 officially opened!

This is the first time that Isetan has entered the commercial complex in the form of a supermarket since it entered Chengdu, which has attracted attention from inside and outside the industry. The area of ​​the supermarket is larger than the area of ​​supermarkets on the Chunxi Road Isetan Department Store, and it has added a snack stall. The style is closer to the supermarket model of the new retail era.

Classic brand, create new

Isetan Supermarket Chengdu Yintai Center in99 is a supermarket with food and daily necessities of approximately 2,500 square meters. Continuing the company’s unique “Idea, Safety, Trust” business philosophy, Mitsukoshi Isetan introduced all types of products such as fresh foods, dairy products, daily miscellaneous goods, and daily necessities. In the gastronomic area, you can also enjoy the high-gold food of the "Manor Black Pig" series and "Gold & middot; cold meat" series!

Join forces to share the taste of black pigs

Isetan-related staff said: "With the rapid development of Chengdu's economy, as a comprehensive supermarket for food and daily necessities." Isetan will provide customers with "restfulness, security, trust, and food" who care about and love the food culture in Chengdu. It will expand and discover new lifestyles so that the life of Chengdu consumers will become richer and richer. ”

As an immense supporter of Isetan Supermarket, Gaojin Foods has also settled in Isetan Intime. Here, consumers can purchase safe, delicious, fast and convenient high-quality fresh products anytime, anywhere!

As a well-known meat product company in the southwest region, Gaojin Food knows the laws of the industry and has worked hard over the years to launch a well-known high-end pork brand in Southwest China, which has been well received by consumers. In the future, Gaojin Food will also spare no effort to provide better quality services to the general consumers. It is necessary to share the manor black pigs to the entire southwest region and even to more consumers across the country.

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