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▼Gaojintopgrade  porkseries   ▼Highgoldcold    meatseries  Cannedproducts  Hightemperatureproducts   LowtemperaturePRODUCT DESCRIPTIONProductserviceApackagedmeatproductcookedat121degreesCelsiusModifie
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▼Gaojin top grade

    pork series


▼High gold cold         meat series


Canned products    High temperature products     Low temperature


Product service

A packaged meat product cooked at 121 degrees Celsius

Modified atmosphere

packaging products


Low-temperature meat products at low temperatures inhibit microbial growth

The comprehensive adoption of European and American advanced aquaculture technology will bring together the scientific concepts and management models of the world pig industry, with efficiency and safety as the core objectives, so that each sow will achieve an industry-leading 25-year slaughter. The ranch is also organically linked with a base of 10,000 mu of green vegetables to build a circular economic model of "pig-methane-vegetable" and adopt ecological green farming to achieve sustainable development.

Gift box products


Year of the Pig Order

The Gaojin canned products are preferably high gold and fresh pork, and can be stored at room temperature for a long time after being processed.





▼Manor black

   pig products


Think that pork and meat products import and export business services

international trade

More than 200 refrigeration and fresh-selling vehicles to guarantee the low-temperature transportation requirements for logistics and distribution at 0-4°C

Cold Chain Logistics


Main business


Farming business

The core breeder farm + fattening farm + cooperatives + foster households + record farms, annual slaughter size over 1 million heads

Fresh business

The annual slaughtering

capacity is 6 million heads,

spanning the northeast,

north, central, east, southwest

and northwest regions across

six regions

Cooked food business

Annual production capacity of 30,000 tons

Gaojin Central Kitchen implements unified procurement of

raw materials, raw materials processed into semi-finished

products, unified nutrition catering, unified cold chain

distribution, and unified cooking (smoke-free smart kitchen

system), forming a complete traceability system from source

to table.




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